Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Levies Arrive at the Muster!

It seems to have been a long time coming, but the levies have finally arrived! Armed with bow or sling, each according to his own means, the lowly geburs of Northanhymbre have gathered to serve their noble warlord.

Below are a set of shots of the levies in all their glory! I only hope they perform on the battlefield in a way which reflects the time and effort which has gone into putting them together. Based on past experience, probably not!

This figure turned out almost exactly like his bow armed counterpart, even though the archers had been put away in their storage case while the slingers were being done!
 This fellow reminds me of my late father. It's the moustache and the left arm; he looks like he's leaning towards the bar to pick up a pint of Stones' bitter, just before last orders on a Saturday night!
 What a proud looking bunch! Who could possibly stand up to these brave chaps? Well, apart from...
 Archer and slinger working in tandem... the good citizens of Northanhymbre can sleep soundly in their beds tonight.