Friday, 31 May 2013

Northanhymbre Warlord

What do you do on a horrible rainy Wednesday during half term week?

Answer: you disappear into the garage and spend the day getting your warlord painted for your Saga skirmish wargames Northumbrian warband! Then, you can spend the Friday uploading some pictures showing the results of all that hard work.


My Warlord is constructed from different parts of the wonderful Gripping Beast Saxon and Viking warrior sets. I wanted him to look as though he had grown up in an environment where Saxon and Scandinavian influences had both been present, as they were in Northern England around the time of the Norman Conquest.
His standard bearer has the same torso from the Saxon thegns set, but has different limbs and head added, which just shows how versatile the Gripping Beast plastic figures are. When you put them together it is difficult to see that they are based on the same figure.