Monday, 19 August 2019

Recycling for S.P.Q.R.

A while ago I posted on this blog asking the question, "Where are the Ancient Period Skirmish rules?" At the time there was nothing on the market, so I started painting my Soviet army for Bolt Action and followed that project up with my latest venture, a Romano-British army for the absolutely brilliant Dux Britanniarum rules by the Two Fat Lardies. While all this was going on, Warlord started putting out their teasers for a new set of Ancient Skirmish rules called S.P.Q.R. and my pre-order was sent in without any knowledge of how the mechanics of the game would work... after all, a set of skirmish rules is a set of skirmish rules!
My set of rules arrived and just a cursory glance made it obvious that they involved rolling huge numbers of dice and that an attempt to give each different army unique characteristics would make the mechanics of the game rather convoluted. In spite of this, I have decided that the minimal number of figures required to play the game makes it definitely worth while painting up a couple of armies and giving it a go.

Tucked away in the drawers where I keep all my spare plastic left over from previous projects, I have a couple of sprues of Victrix Iberians and some of their mail clad Roman Republicans. Game on! So, with just four Romano-British slingers left to paint to complete my first Dux Britanniarum army, I've started putting some paint on the re-cycled Victrix figures to build a couple of skirmish forces for S.P.Q.R. - Iberians versus Republican Romans at no extra cost and certainly no requirement to spend money on the somewhat over-priced box sets that Warlord have put on the market to support the release of their new rules.

Just a couple of experimental figures done so far, both of which will probably play the role of 'hero' in their respective army.