Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Huscarls have Arrived!

It seems like ages since I ordered my Huscarls from Gripping Beast and, in fact, it is! I decided to use Gripping Beast metal figures for my Northumbrian Huscarls because I wanted them to have the longer mail coat; longer than the one you find on the Gripping Beast plastic figures. I bought them last October and had them painted by Christmas (which is pretty speedy by my normal standards) but then, they sat patiently waiting on the painting shelf to be based, ready to join the rest of my Saga army. It could have been the weather that delayed this final stage, after all, it doesn't take long to apply some basing medium and then stick on some flock! It could have been the arrival of a box of Fireforge medieval sergeants that caused the delay, but, again, I suspect this is just an excuse as, the completion of the Huscarls signalled the completion of my Saga army and I'm not renowned for actually completing any project involving wargames figures!

However, complete they are and that marks the end of this stage of my Saga painting project. I may add to my Northumbrians at some stage or I may paint a second army to use against the Northumbrians. I have a blank set of dice ready just in case! To mark the occasion of their completion, here are a few snaps of the Huscarls. Not the best camera work, I'm afraid... not quite sure what was going on... perhaps I need to invest in a more up-to-date camera.


 The Huscarls doing what they are supposed to do... protecting the boss.
A few more of the guys turned up when they heard the warlord was having a photo shoot with the Huscarls.