Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Great Fyrd Arrive at the Muster.

A second unit of warriors for my Saga army have finally been completed. I finished the painting and varnishing about six weeks ago, but they have been sat on the shelf waiting to be based ever since. I like to give the varnish on my troops plenty of time to dry before basing, having had previous experience of the consequences of being in too much of a hurry! Six weeks is a bit excessive though.

These eight warriors all come from the Dark Age Warriors set and boast no armour at all. Somehow it doesn't seem quite right having one unit with all the figures wearing mail coats and another with none. Way back, when I painted a 15mm Anglo-Saxon army, the Fyrd were fielded in units of two ranks; the front rank armoured and the rear rank not. I think my Saga warrior units would 'feel' better if they were half armoured and half not, but the Saga rules state that all the figures in a unit should be armoured in the same way! If anyone out there has painted an Anglo-Danish army and mixed figures that would be classed as 'Select' and 'Great' Fyrd, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.

The main thing to say about these figures is how quick and simple they are to prepare and paint. How much time and effort is spent on preparation is, of course, a matter of personal preference, but with these figures, all you need to do is run a craft knife over the casting lines and then give them a good wash in detergent. Painting is just as straight forward; paint the flesh, block in the tunic, paint in the leather bits and the weapon! Ink washing and varnishing adds extra time, but the whole paint job is really quick, compared to many other figure ranges I can think of.





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