Saturday, 3 August 2013

Slowly... very slowly... but getting there!

My painting schedule continues very slowly, but with each finished figure, each of my projects inches closer to completion. I've been trying to get back on track with my Wars of the Roses army this week, while plodding onwards with my Northanhymbre warband for Saga.

The last four slingers of the Levy unit are well underway and the two figures I decided to include as command have arrived at the gathering...

Firstly, the guy giving the orders. Standard figure, straight out of the Dark Age Infantry box, with a scabbard added so he has somewhere to store that blade in less dramatic times. Even with a somewhat 'Bee-Gee' looking hair do, I think he should do a pretty good job of leading the Levies into action.

Transmitting those all important orders across the mayhem of the battlefield is a vital task and with a horn that size, this guy should be heard from one end to the other. 
With the Levies nearing completion, it's time to start on the huscarls, so they can take their place on the battlefield, selflessly sacrificing themselves to protect the warlord, to whom they have sworn blood oaths of devotion.
Can't believe that I have actually bought metal figures from Gripping Beast to create my hearthguard! I think the deciding factor was simply the longer mail coat. As much as I like the plastic thegns from Gripping Beast, those shorter mail coats just don't measure up for an eleventh century huscarl.