Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Farewell Sweet Beast!

The dewy early morning silence was shattered by the anguished cries of a heartbroken parent. The day had finally arrived when this wretched and miserable parting could be deferred no longer. Fate, cruel, foul fate, thou hast weaved such a web of sorrow. No man shouldst ever feel such grief and misery, yet here we are, the time has come. I brought you into this world with such tender loving care; the craft knife, the plastic cement, the green stuff, the acrylic paint and the Quickshade dip. Oh the desolation, the anguish, brought on by the application of the bubble wrap and the heart-rending screech of the parcel tape! Oh e-bay! Thou dost rip asunder, thou dost rent apart, thou dost cause such excruciating tears of lamentation.

Farewell, sweet beast…
The Troll Drummer...
Created Summer 2009

Sold on e-bay, August 27th 2013!

Rest In Hampshire!