Sunday, 5 July 2015

Batavian Update

I thought I'd upload some pictures of the units I've painted so far for my Batavian Revolt army. None of the units are based yet, as I'm totally focused on getting more troops painted. I suppose I'll have to take a painting break at some point in the not too distant future and have a mega-basing session to get them ready for the battlefield. So far, I have completed a deep German warrior unit of twenty-four figures, two cohorts of Batavian auxiliaries and a cohort of Legio I Germanica

Time for some pictures...

The German Warband... mostly Warlord Games Warriors of Germania, with a few Black Tree Design thrown in for a little variety. The shields are mostly hand painted and I've tried to get that 'under fire' look with the figures in the first couple of ranks.

Close up of the Warband leader and the only two armoured warriors in the unit.

The Third Cohort of Batavians. I've been experimenting with cohort standards and this is one of the earlier attempts. The standard is made from green stuff, with the wording printed, stuck to the green stuff and then painted over to blend it in.

Close up of the officer, with a head borrowed from the Roman Legionary box!

The Seventh Cohort of Batavians. My favourite unit so far, with the bright blue shields and a little bit more individuality than the third, as I began to get a bit more adventurous with experience!

A development in the experimentation with cohort standards... this version is printed onto to fairly thick card, which looks a little more 'wooden', but works an awful lot better than the green stuff version.

The reluctant legionaries in my Batavian army... the first cohort from Legio I Germanica. I'm planning to add  more of these in the future, both from from this legion and Legio XVI Gallica. Pretty much standard Warlord Games with water slide shield transfers from Battle Flag.

The 'Boss'!

Somebody's not happy about how these legionaries have dressed their ranks! I suspect they are being told. in no uncertain terms. to close up ready for action.

I'm currently working on some cavalry for my army. I decided to try Wargames Factory's German horsemen... after a fairly disappointing start, I've started to really enjoy working on them. Should have some pictures and a bit of a review up for your perusal in the next couple of weeks.