Saturday, 11 March 2017

Ancient Period Skirmish Rules... Where Are They?

Throughout the cold winter months I've been slowly gathering together the remnants of various packs of troops that I've purchased over the years, with the intention of putting together some smallish skirmish forces, so that I could recreate some of the masses of un-recorded small actions that must have littered the ancient and medieval world.

I haven't made a huge amount of progress, but what I've done so far I've really enjoyed. There are a few Ancient Spanish and their Roman enemies on the painting table and I've been converting all sorts of left over bits and bobs to create some medieval Welsh warriors to face up to some Fireforge English men-at-arms.

Where the whole thing falls apart, at the moment, is the total lack of a set of rules that I can use when the forces are ready to take to the tabletop. I've tried every combination of search entry on the Internet to try and locate some, but all to no avail. One search threw up some references to a set of skirmish rules to be produced by Victrix and published by Mongoose Publishing, but all I could find was some increasingly fractious discussion posts, in which the Mongoose people repeatedly said that Victrix kept putting back the publishing date. I think they were originally meant to be available at Salute in 2015! Now, I can not find them on either the Mongoose web site or the Victrix web site.

It appears that quite a few gamers use the fantasy skirmish rules, Song of Blades and Heroes and some use the Lord of the Rings Battle Strategy Rules and I have copies of both of those.

What I'd like to know is, where are the Ancient period, one-to-one skirmish rules? I have a copy of Lion Rampant, but they use 12 figure units fighting in a block rather than true 1:1 skirmish action. If anyone out there can suggest a rule set that I can get my hands on, I'd be eternally grateful. I really want to get these little chaps onto the tabletop in deadly sword and spear play!

So... does anybody know what happened to these: