Thursday, 5 April 2018

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Following on from my previous post, outlining my decision to re-base my Carthaginian skirmish force to an army based for Swordpoint big battle rules, the first units have very quickly rolled off the painting table...

Admittedly, both these infantry units are fairly small light infantry skirmishing units, but it is certainly motivating to have a couple of battle ready units completed so quickly.

The unit above has four 2 figure bases of Spanish Caetrati. They are armed with javelins and a small shield and would cost 8points per base in Swordpoint rules, for a total of a mere 32 points.

Again, four bases of 2 javelin armed skirmishers with a small shield, but this time, these North African warriors are classed as Inferior Fighters in the Swordpoint army lists and, as such, only cost 5 points per base, for a total of just 20 points for the lot!

The 'unit' most straightforward to re-base was the elephant!

Since I last based the beast, I've added the final touches to the model itself; the shields on the sides of the howdah and the two javelin cases which fit on the back.

The new Swordpoint base is slightly bigger than the one I used earlier, so I employed the same idea that I had used with the cavalry, and simply cut another piece of board and glued it to the original to make it the correct dimensions.

There are a good two pages of special rules devoted to elephants in Swordpoint and I've not even started to get my head round those yet. A basic elephant costs 60 points in the army lists, although with the howdah, it would cost a minimum of 65 points and the lists only permit one elephant to be fielded in armies fighting in Italy.

The grand re-basing continues, with my unit of veteran African spearmen the next to get the treatment. So far, I have added a command base and now need to paint up a further eight figures to complete the 24 figure unit.