Saturday, 6 July 2013

Northanhymbre Warriors for Saga.

Over the past few weeks I've been busy painting some of the wonderful Gripping Beast Saxon thegns to use with Saga rules. As usual, I managed to get myself sidetracked from the Warrior unit that I had begun, by trying to convert some of their Dark Age warrior set into archers!

Finally, having clambered out of bed at 4.30 this morning, I got round to adding the finishing touches to the thegns and got out the camera to take some pics...

This is my second attempt at posting these pictures, as the first lot came out completely rubbish. Oddly enough, I think the sun was shining too strongly and I was getting a lot of reflection from my lightly coloured stone hill that I usually set my figures against for photo shoots! Anyway, today I ditched the hill and stood them on the garden fence!
So, here they are... the magnificent eight and not a Yul Brynner or a Charles Bronson amongst them...
Leofric. Much beloved by the people of Northanhymbre.
 Eadwig. Dreams of glory on the battlefield.
Ealdwine. Noble, brave and loves a good drink.
Wulfric. Mighty and brave like his Viking ancestors.
 Osgar. Wields his mighty spear for the greater glory of God.
 Cenric. Skillful axe wielder with the blood red shield.
Hrodgar. Steadfast and courageous in the shieldwall.
 Ethelred. Always ready for battle.
Having painted an Anglo Saxon army for WRG 6th edition rules many years ago, I'm not too convinced that having all my warriors wearing mail coats is the most realistic way of depicting the fyrd. My old Minifigs army a front rank of armoured select fyrd and a rear rank of un-armoured ordinary fyrd and I wonder if I should now paint another eight un-armoured figures and field two warrior units with half of each armoured and half un-armoured.
Just as a little taster for the next post, here's a sneak preview of the archers that I've been converting from the Gripping Beast Dark Age Warrior set...