Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sword & Spear Feudal English Update...

My Sword & Spear Feudal English host is now about a quarter of the way to completion, so I thought I'd post some shots of the latest additions to the Bishop of Durham's forces.
Sir William Roos, Commander of the first unit of Knights to join the army.

Piers de Mauley, John de Segrave, a standard bearer, John de Eivill and Adam de Creeting make up the rest of the unit.

Close up of Sir Piers.

Sir John de Eivill complete with trapper and shield made from homemade paper heraldic designs!

A unit of spearmen supplied by the Bishop, flying a standard depicting an icon of the Virgin Mary.

The Bishop's spearmen are commanded by Sir Reginald Utterthwaite, but the presence of Brother Mungo could be a little distracting, not to mention downright dangerous, with that flailing weapon!

A unit of dreaded longbowmen.

Close up of the Captain... "Nock... Mark... Draw... Loose..." Not sure the two bowmen in the background are keeping up with the boss!