Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Suebi arrive to support the Batavians!

I have reached the halfway stage of the second German warrior unit for my Batavian Revolt army. Because the warriors are classed as ‘deep’ formations in Sword and Spear, each unit needs to have double the base depth of a normal combat unit, which means painting twenty-four figures instead of the twelve needed for troops like Roman legionaries or auxilia. The final brush strokes were applied to the twelfth Suebi warrior early this morning, so I’ve taken a few snaps before moving on to the second half of the unit.

To avoid possible dispute, I decided that I wouldn't mix warriors with top knots and those without, in the same unit, so this time I've been able to use all those wonderful top-knot heads that come in the Warriors of Germania boxed set!

I've tried to get an altogether more aggressive feel to this unit and set the figures in poses to represent them hurling themselves into the fray. I have also included more men in mail armour than the previous one, with five of them surrounding the tribal leader.

The Chief surrounded by his armoured nobles!
Shield designs are a mixture of transfers and hand painted designs... bet you can't guess which is which!

The standard bearer is one of the metal figures that comes in the boxed set.
As is the carnyx blower... a brilliant figure to paint and adds a real bit of drama to the scene!
Well, back to the painting bench, but I'll be taking a short break from the Suebi, as I need to complete some Wars of the Roses figures ready for an up-coming sale!