Thursday 1 February 2024


The sonorous tones of the Horn of Gondor, sacred heirloom of Vorondil, still hung menacingly in the air as the first wicked black arrow struck him full in the chest. By the time the third arrow had hit its mark, the Uruk scouts were already sweeping stealthily past the fallen hero, pressing relentlessly on in their frenetic search for the Ring Bearer...
Desperately responding to the sound of that sorrowful alarm, but yet, already too late, Aragorn, Gimli and the fleetfooted Legolas, raced, heedless of the danger approaching them, to rescue their fallen comrade.
With the two opposing forces hurtling towards each other, it only a few short moments before the first clash of steel could be heard ringing across the battlefield. Unwisely, but with supreme bravery, one of Lurtz's scouts charged headlong into combat with Aragorn...
Pitilessly sweeping the Uruk aside, Aragorn pushed remorselessly on with Legolas and his deadly bow close by in support.
Gimli, however, found himself faced by a horde of Uruk scouts, all eager to gain the glory of slaying the legendary dwarf...
Although the dwarf was initially pushed back, in a flurry of whirling blades, the Uruks were ultimately despatched and, step by step, Gimli forced his way forward...
and the vile minions of Saruman were left scattered across the battlefield, allowing the diminutive hero to press forward and gain some ground on his companions.
No matter how many enemy warriors they brought down, more and more continued to swarm towards the three valiant heroes and, the closer they got to their goal, the more gruelling the challenge became. Desperate to reach the body of his fallen comrade, Aragorn found himself surrounded by Uruks, assailing him with sword and arrow.
The gallant Legolas found himself engulfed by vicious Uruk warriors and only the rapid and accurate fire of his bow kept them at bay until...
the indomitable Gimli arrived with flailing axes and began to hack his way through the onslaught of evil which surrounded them.
Finding himself dangerously far ahead of his comrades, Aragorn decided to detour around the conveniently located henge, in an attempt to outflank the advancing Uruks.
But now, the tide was turning; the Uruk Hai had suffered huge casualties and their final reserves were committed and being cut down in swathes by Legolas and Gimli...

Eventually, the three heroes bore down upon the final remaining Uruks and the climactic confrontation began as Lurtz stepped forward and launched an unyielding assault upon Aragorn.
In spite of all his might and skill at arms, Lurtz finally succumbed to the unwavering torrent of blows ranged against him and the remaining Uruk warriors either fled or were brought down by Legolas and Gimli.
Lurtz, the slayer of Boromir, was, in turn, brought low by the Heir of Isildur. The three heroes would have but little time to mourn the son of Denethor, Steward of Gondor. Further adventures await as the dark hordes of evil continue to grow in strength and audacity.

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