Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Infamy! Infamy! Ancient German Warband For Sale.

Never done this before, but I've added my much beloved German Warband for Infamy! Infamy! to the Talk Wargaming Buy, Sell & Trade page.

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I painted the warband during the height of last Summer's lockdown and so had lots of time to devote to its construction. I absolutely love my Germans, a mixture of Victrix, Foundry and even some old Black Tree Design figures, but I just have too many projects under way at the same time. I need to streamline and I can't see me using the Germans any time soon, so they have to go.

This is a list of everything that is for sale, but please note that I am not going to trust the postal services to deliver my troops, so, if you are interested, we will need to make some arrangement such as meeting at a show or some other arrangement which suits us both.

2 Leader Figures

1 x 10 Figure Group of Oathsworn Warriors

3 x 10 Figure Warrior Groups

1 x 6 Figure Fanatical Warrior Group

1 x 6 Figure Tribal Slingers Group

A Total of 54 Combat Figures… And…

1 x Base of Wailing Women

6 x Totally Unique Ambush Points

And here they are in glorious technicolour:

If you are interested in giving my lovely German warriors a good home please leave a message below or go to the Talk Wargaming site through the link above. They are not going cheap; there was a lot of passion invested in building this warband and I love each and every figure. Remember, Lardy Rich said that the Germanic Warband is the ultimate embodiment of raw Barbarian power, and you will not be disappointed with this band of rogues.

Thanks for looking...

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